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Classes & Workshops

Manije conducts lessons on the following:
Ø Painting, drawing and photography
Ø Painting media (Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic, and Pastel)
Ø Drawing techniques using pencil, charcoal, conte, water and ink
Ø Subjects (Landscape, Portrait and Still Life).

Ø Modern, Abstract, 

The lessons are given in her studio, with individual attention given to each student.

Class size: maximum of 6 students per class.


Lesson packages:
Ø 5 classes - Intro session plus 5 lessons
Ø 10 classes – Intro session plus 10 lessons plus 5% price discount.
Materials can be purchased at the studio, if requested


Location: Thornhill (near Bayview & John) andThornhill community Centre


One to seven days art workshops for adults can be arranged on request. The workshop can be held in the studio or outdoors.

For more information please contact Manije at 647-528-9428

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