About Manije



Manije enjoyed excellent teachers. Most were internationally acclaimed artists, such as Gholamhossein Saber in Shiraz; also Nami, Vakili, Mazloumipour, Ghaffari, and Laleh Aramy in Tehran.


During these years she added charcoal, acrylic, and pastel to her skills, and was already exhibiting publicly. Her work was accepted by The Museum of Fine Art in Tehran, and appeared in several publications, including 'The Eighth Land', 'Iran Contemporary Painting', 'Manifestations of Feeling', and 'Colours of Kindness'.


Many of her paintings reflect that she has travelled widely, to countries such as India, Russia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Britain, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Cuba. She has explored several parts of Canada from Quebec City to Vancouver Island.   


She initially came to Canada to spend time with her son and his family, but fell in love with the varied landscapes and people of so many different backgrounds--people you wouldn't see standing next to each other anywhere else in the world. For her, every street in this country is an invitation, an open studio, and an ideal opportunity to get instant feedback about her work.


She believes a person's habitat is the fullest expression of themselves. The relationship between a person and their lifestyle is fascinating to her. Her parents' house in Shiraz, the capital city of Fars province--often called the cradle of Persian culture--reflected her mother's talents as a rug-weaver and designer.


Manije has taught photography and drawing as a volunteer at a private library in Thornhill and is currently staging informal exhibitions at a public library in Vaughan. She paints and teaches art at her studio, while networking amongst fellow artists, art-lovers, friends, and neighbours.


She has completed several spectacular paintings of views in the GTA and would like to promote her art works depicting Canadians as a multicultural and diverse society. In 2014, deciding to represent Canada, she was published in the 42nd Biennial World Gallery of Drawing by the prestigious Macedonian OSTEN international art organisation.


Manije is an active member of the Toronto Water-colour Society and Richmond Hill Group of Artists. She can be reached by website: www.beingwithart.com; cell: 647 528 9428



Several Single and Group painting exhibitions in Tehran, Shiraz and Esfahan (Iran)

Art exhibitions in Strasbourg, France (2002)

Papermill Art Gallery (2013)

Toronto Art Expo (2014)

McKay House, Unionville (2015)

Art Square (2016)

Art shows in the Iranian New Year Market, Markham (2012 & 2015) and several other art shows.

Art Show in Heintzman House,2016

Art Show in Cedar Gallery,2017

Art Shows in Millpond Gallery,2019

Artistic Publications:

First Iranian Painters' Biannual (1991)

Iran Contemporary Painting, published by the Society of Visual Art (1993)

Manifestation of Feeling (1994 & 1995)

1st Pictorial Arts Festival on Humanitarian Assistance ( 2009)

A Selection of Iranian Water Colourists’ Paintings (2010)

Macedonian OSTEN 42nd Biennial World Gallery of Drawing (2014)